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  • New Releases
    1 season

    New Releases

    1 season


    We've curated a few presentations from the next generation of BLACK&SEXY creators. They really want to hear from you! So, click the link below and let them know what you think about their work. http://whatsup.blackandsexy.tv/mixtape

  • CASHPOINT | A Getneeks Short

    Camille decides to go on a date with a guy she met on dating app. Cautious at first, she is eventually won over by his looks and charm. That is until the bill arrives and he is unable to pay however what happens next she could never have predicted.

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  • THIRD ACT (Britain)

    International Blackness - BRITAIN
    Layered in hidden messages, the story begins on three friends as they embark on a new venture in podcasting. A humble setting for conversation quickly yields tension-filled exchanges between the friends, opening a sequence of events that reveal secrets in their r...


    1 season

    #HelloCupid is back with a new cast. This season, meet our six black & sexy singles as they play a risky game of love and romance with a little help from Cupid on a new Hello Cupid Dating Show.

  • BLACK&SEXY WINTER CHILL | Double Short Film Presentation

    A DOUBLE SHORT FILM presentation featuring two Black&Sexy Stars. Hosted by Khalilah Joi (Sexless), Kalilah Harris (The Number Reboot), and Lamar Stewart (Minute Man)

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