BUY BLACK for 30

BUY BLACK for 30

BUY BLACK for 30
  • Buy Black for 30 | Chapter 00

    First installment/intro to our 30 day challenge to shop exclusively from black businesses for the next 30 day.

    Featuring: Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch

    Featuring clips from The Underground ep 210

    Featured Music: Arise (Outro) by ArinMaya + TheImagination

    Edited by: Tina Cerin + Denni...

  • Buy Black for 30 | Valentine's Day Challenge | Ch 1

    TWEET US ► @blackandsexytv ► #BuyBlack30

    Chapter 1 one of Dennis and Numa's challenge to shop black for 30 days. See their first day of the challenge and how they celebra...

  • Buy Black for 30 | Ch 2 | Gas & Numa's Glow UP

    Next episode March 20th

    Day 23 of Dennis and Numa's 30 day challenge to shop exclusively from black owned businesses. They buy gas and Numa is styled and prepped for the Essence women in Hollywood by a team of all black women.

    Featured businesses:
    Hooper Shell (Gas Station)
    Painted by Moc...

  • Buy Black for 30 | Ch 3 | TAKE AWAYS!

    36 Days after Dennis and Numa started the Buy Black for 30 challenge they reflect on things they learned along the way.

    Don't worry this series will be back! If you wish to be featured as a business, doing the 30 or 7 day challenge, or even visiting one of the businesses we spotlighted in LA,...